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Lower Solukhumbu Region

Lower Solukhumbu Region Trekking is the best if you want to observe the diversity of nature and to see the various cultures of the different ethnic groups of this region. There are many alternatives for treks of different lengths to accommodate your length of stay. Usually the treks start from Jiri, a 6-7 hour bus drive from Kathmandu, and end at Salleri. Salleri is the administrative headquarter of the entire Solukhumbu district. The highlight of this region is the stunning view from the top of Pikey Peak (4040m.), which includes Mt. Everest as well as great numbers of other snow-capped peaks ranging from Mt. Kanchenjunga to the east to Mt. Manaslu to the west.

The focal point of this area are the villages, some of which are rich in cultural and religious aspects. The villages themselves are small and remote, but richly adorned with ancient and sacred monasteries. Villages like Golli, located on a hill at an elevation of 3000m, offer a wide mountain panorama including Mt. Gaurishankar, Karyilung, Numbur and Khatanga. Golli village alone has five ancient monasteries including a nunnery. The trail goes through interesting and historic places like Bandar, Golli, Naur, Jhapre, Chelsa (a Tibetan refugee camp) Junbesi and Thupten Chholing. The September-December season provides clear views of the mountains and blue skies. The March-May spring time season is great for seeing the spectacle of the blooming rhododendron forest, and magnolias, wild orchids and many other flowers are also in bloom. December-February is to be avoided because of the chilly climate and heavy snows.   

Visitors to this region should not miss a visit to the monastery at Thupten Chholing, which is one of the main religious centers of the entire Everest region and is where the Thulsik Rinpoche resides, now in his 31st reincarnation. Thulsik Rimpoche is one of the main religious figures of Buddhism in Nepal. The area has a variety of vegetation zones, from subtropical to temperate forests that provide habitats for a variety of wild animal and birds. 

Beyond this point, you have fine views of Mt. Karilung and Numbur. This mountain is regarded by the locals as being the home of the protective deity of Solu. Each year in August a cleansing ritual is performed at its sacred lakes of Dudhkunda. During this festival thousands of devotees and hundreds of jankris (shamans) walk to the lake for the festival from the villages all around Solukhumbu.

Pikey Dudhakunda Trekking

Pikey Dudhakunda Trekking

 provides a great wilderness adventure. The area is less crowded and not as commercialized as other trekking areas in the Solukhumbu district. The trip starts with a 6-7 hour bus/private car trip to Jiri from Kathmandu.