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Why with Us ?

Why Eco Tourism Adventure?

With the availability of hundreds of travel companies in the industry these days, this question from your side is obvious. As we strongly want our customers to keep their options open and get informed before making any major investment we, appreciate you bringing up this question. Here goes the answer your question.

Eco Tourism Adventure Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading local trekking agencies in Nepal. Dedicated to perfection, the company offers 6 years of experience in service, hospitality and trekking trades. Moreover, we are not just trek operators, but we also specialize in cultural holidays, climbing, expeditions and other adventure trips like rafting, hiking and jungle safaris.

Registered under the government of Nepal, and associated with tourism related bodies of Nepal, Eco Tourism Adventure Pvt. Ltd., is an authorized and certified company that holds full authority provided by the government of Nepal to operate trekking, tour, expedition and other adventurous activities in the Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, thus guaranteeing 100% financial security to our customers.

Eco Tourism Adventure team

Our team highly skilled and motivated staffs to ensure quality service and safety of our guest during their traveling experience. It is established by local Nepalese experts those who have many years of experience in the different adventure company. Be it a simple leisurely city tour or adrenaline-fused Himalayan adventure live your Dreams always ready every possibility way. We strongly follow code and conducts of Green Tourism and our responsibility towards our guests, local people, their customs and culture, to the environment, and to our own crew so you will have an eco friendly experience.

Our trips and costs

We offer various standard packages to trekkers planning their next vacation in Nepal. However, all our trips can be customized to your specification by understanding the varying interest of people based on physical capability, financial plan and age.  Cost usually is a deciding factor for many trips; therefore, to ensure the best value for money and the highest quality service, we offer these customized packages at the most competitive prices. We also provide Pre-trek information and assistance to plan your next trip.


Trekkers safety is the utmost priority in any trek. So, far our safety record is second to none other companies walking the equivalent trail in the present day as trekkers’ safety is the utmost priority of our company. For this, we conduct a battlefield briefing session every night to provide prior information required to prepare the next day’s walk. We also send at least one First Aid and CPR certified guides to help you provide the necessary first hand treatments in case of emergency. Our guides are also equipped with a cellular phone to be in regular contact with your group.

Responsible tourism

All our trips focus on the responsibility towards the conservation of environment, involvement of local people and the development of sustainable tourism. Therefore, we make sure to respect the cultural and natural diversity and create equal opportunity for local people earn their living without harming their environment.


Your pre and post trek stays are arranged in tourist standard hotel featuring spacious rooms, utmost security, international phone service, wireless internet connection, cable TV and even a bar to relax. However, during the trek you accommodation is arranged in one of the most comfortable and clean local lodges or guesthouses, run by local people with shared facilities.

Fast response time

Whether you are just looking for the information or booking your trip, we guarantee the fastest response time. For this we provide round-the-clock assistance through chat support. Even during the trek, if you are in need of any kind of managerial assistance, then we guarantee to get back to you as early as we can.

24x7 availability

Right from your arrival at the airport, at least one of our company representatives (driver/guide/leaders) will be there to assist you with your requirements. Moreover, during the trek our professional team will be there for your assistance.

Payment options

Eco Tourism Adventure Pvt. Ltd. is one of those companies in Nepal that offers convenient and flexible payment options to its clients. The payment options offered by our company are VISA/MASTER card, direct cash or travelers check.

These are some of the reasons why we satisfy 100s of trekkers every year.  Therefore, book your trip with Eco Tourism Adventure Pvt. Ltd. today and get ready for one of the most satisfying trips in your life.

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