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Mustang Region

Upper Mustang Trek to hidden paradise of Mustang is fabulous tour that visitors experience ever best holiday trip in their life in Nepal. Upper Mustang; described as a mystique valley and the last forbidden kingdom in Nepal was just opened for foreigners in 1992. Trek to Mustang allows the travelers to witness heavenly beautiful Trans-Himalaya landscape, ancient Tibetan Buddhist shrines such as Stupas, Chhortens, Kaanis, Prayers walls, centuries old monasteries and interact with Tibetan like people makes the trip most lifetime memorable. Upper Mustang, also known as a ‘Mini Tibet of Nepal’ and a very well-liked trekking in Nepal, has been described as “Mountain Desert". The trekking tour to Lo Manthang- isolated region is a incredibly satisfying one for those who want to experience the hospitality and warmth of the locals living in this remote region.

Mustang Trek 16 Days

Upper Mustang is a perfect destination where generous scope is offered for visiting Buddhists Monasteries. This semi autonomous and heavily Tibetan influenced region was described by Tillman as fascinatingly ugly country, the more 

Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper Mustang Trek is a captivating journey through the "Last Forbidden Kingdom" of Nepal, offering trekkers an extraordinary blend of stunning arid landscapes, rich Tibetan-influenced culture, and ancient history.

Lower Mustang Trek

Start on the Lower Mustang Trek, a captivating journey through one of Nepal's most enchanting regions. This trek takes you through breathtaking landscapes, from dramatic cliffs and deep canyons to the awe-inspiring Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri mountains. Along the way, you'll visit ancient monasteries, charming traditional villages, and vibrant local markets, immersing yourself in the rich Tibetan-influenced culture of the Mustang region.